Boys, volunteer and the staff - painting shelter 3

15 January 2011

An interesting welcome for the volunteers, boys and staff to the painting work of Shelter 3!

This community project was part of Leighton’s Weight Loss Challenge (think “The Biggest Loser” TV series) charity fundraising project. For every kilo staff lost, the company donated funds to SHELTER. They also rallied their corporate supporters to donate generously to our cause.

Leighton did not stop there. When the SHELTER team informed them that one of their homes needed a fresh coat of paint and awnings, Leighton was quick to respond. They arranged for a local contractor to help with the awnings and gathered their staff to come in and help paint the home, together with the boys and staff.

We took the opportunity to involve the boys as it is good time to also expose them to learning how to paint. It also helps them feel that this Home is theirs and to hopefully create a sense of responsibility in them to take care of it. Our GM, Mr Cheok (on far right) was overseeing the work and ensuring that everything would progress smoothly.

One of the volunteer covering the high edges; it is really tiring. Thank you!

Even the ladies came to help with the painting work! =)

On behalf of all the SHELTER 3 boys and staff, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Leighton volunteers, spouses, corporate partners and sub-contractor for their hard work and enthusiasm.

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