Anir gives back to us! (Intern at Wedgewood residences)

15 February 2016

The three tables of Shelter staff and girls having a meal together with Anir

After years of guiding her and watching her grow, Anir* who has been working for a while now decided to buy us dinner!

She invited all the girls from Shelter 2 as well as all the staff that were involved in her life just to say "Thank you" (a total of three tables!) with a scrumptious dinner. The amount is actually a lot for her to fork out considering the income she is getting from her current job. (Front desk at a resort)

Anir grew up without her parents. Not long after she was born, she was quickly handed over to another person who failed horribly as a caregiver. She was eventually sent to a Home and she joined us at about the age of 12.

Anir struggled a lot with her studies but we still gave our best to provide all that we could to help her grow. After seeing her academic results, we knew that she was not cut out for higher education. However she exhibited strong social skills as she knew how to carry herself appropriately with different people; be it her peers or with adults. She knows how to lead the girls at Shelter 2 and has self-confidence and puts her foot down when she wants people to treat her with respect. When we observed that, we recommended that she try working.. Despite our recommendation, Anir expressed that she wanted to further her studies. Hence we looked around for scholarships.

A very caring lady who worked at Wedgewood, came in contact with us and she decided to give Anir an opportunity to work there with her. She started off with the back end work; housekeeping. She eventually got to try being a waitress at the café. She proved herself well again and eventually, she was offered a better position; the front desk. Her self-confidence really helped her in her learning especially when she is dealing with high profile guests who came in to check-in this upscale apartment. At times she struggled to understand the slang of a Caucasian. At other times, she had to tactfully deal with guests who were fussy. At peak periods, she had to deal with the simultaneous check- ins and check-outs and to ensure her work was at top speed so that she wouldn’t keep her guests waiting too long.

Although Anir has some hiccups in at work, her bosses shared to us that they were generally satisfied with her performance. Upon completing her contract with them, Anir moved on to a resort in Port Dickson.

Some months later, she contacted the Home manager and expressed that she wanted to give a dinner treat all the girls and people who have helped her.

One of the biggest joys of a social worker is to see the child that she /he has helped decide to give back to society!

*Name has been changed to protect her identity.

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