Alice, our ex-resident who is going the distance

18 August 2017

Alice helping out with tabulating of data at our HQ

Alice* (Sister of Melissa*, highlighted in our website under “Children’s Journey” on 6th June 2016) has come a long way in her journey with us. As we have highlighted in the website article, Alice has gone through a dark and difficult past but her resilience and determination to make most of her life has never failed to amaze us. From SPM, to an internship with Le Meridien (she being the sole intern to last through the whole internship out of the 6 of them) and just recently, graduating with a CGPA of 3.33 - Dean's list in her Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management at First City University College under the scholarship of both First City and Elena Cooke Education Funds.

Our social worker who has been journeying with her was accessing what her future options might look like and after a few rounds of discussion; Alice herself decided that she would want to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. This time around, Alice was very much independent in the whole process. She applied for scholarships and also tried applying to First City University College. She prepared herself and went through the interview for the scholarship on her own. She pretty much did everything herself with very minimum guidance. As she was waiting for the University’s reply, she decided to intern with us at the HQ!

The social worker helped her move into our half-way Home and she started her internship with us, helping in many areas. From the basic paperwork to compiling data and also to be at Shelter 1 to help out with office work as well taking care of the kids. The good news came and a huge thank you to First City University College, Alice will now follow the Bachelor’s Degree. From where she was, we can really see how Alice has grown in self-esteem and her capabilities have stretched!

However, we are in need of help to support Alice in her studies. This time around, Alice will not have support or allowance for her living expenses (About RM1200/month – Rental and allowance). If you believe in a person who works hard and deserves the best opportunities in life like Alice, please contact us at 03-79550663 or email us at

*Names have been changed

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