Aiming High, awards for our children for good attitude change!

21 December 2007

Aiming High

Each December, we end the year by awarding our children “Best Student” and “Best Resident” awards. So for the year ending 2007, after wading through rounds of deliberation, the managers and home staff decided on the awards as follows:

For SHELTER 1, the Best Student award went to Mun.

She managed to obtain 1A for her UPSR examination despite coming to SHELTER back in May, 2005 and being quite behind in her studies. With true grit and determination, Mun did not spare her emotions of feel sorry for herself; instead this true-blue SHELTER resident is today a changed person with positive attitudes and a bubbly personality.

The Best Resident Award for SHELTER 1 reflects SHELTER’s other facets of her mission – of recognizing residents who have seen overall character development.

Young residents Chun and Jess jointly won SHELTER 1’s Best Resident award, again reflecting transformations in character change.

Peng of SHELTER 2 was the winner of the Best Resident award. This charming young lady, polite, well mannered, respectful and yet with spunk and spirit, has been a joy for SHELTER 2 home staff to work with.

As for SHELTER 3, the staff of the home unanimously chose Seng for the Best Resident award for the rudimentary changes regarding his behaviour and attitudes.

“We know that it is only by acknowledging and rewarding our children for appropriate behaviour and honest efforts in improving themselves that we are able to reinforce the creative learning within their spirits that can only go one way”. - UP

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