A well-deserved victory - Dancing competition

13 June 2016

Our girl and others receiving the "prize" from the organizers

Every year, SHELTER would organize a Christmas party for all the kids, youth as well as the staff and have a celebration. Each of the Homes would normally present an item or two as a way of saying “thank you” and also to entertain the crowd. The girls from Shelter 2 would normally come up with an item that involves dancing and they would really put in effort to practice for it. Recently, one of the girl's enthusiasm in dancing was “tested”!

BERJAYA and Cempaka private school got together to organize a dancing competition known as “Eduseeds I’ve Got Talent 2016” for all the private school centres under Cempaka. A total of 15 centres participated and the participants either fell into the junior or senior category; the senior category is for participants who are more than 13 years old. One of our girls who are in one of the learning centres participated in the Senior category and were competing against 9 other dancing groups. The winner would walk away with Rm500 cash, a complimentary Jazz Class from ACTS of Performing Arts and a 100% tuition fee award for Foundation or Diploma programme at BERJAYA University College of Hospitality!

Practices started as early as two months before the competition and she really put in their heart and soul into it. It is really a joy to witness her finding something that she is really interested in and putting her all into it, her passion and drive can really be infectious. However, speaking of infectious, a sudden setback happened nearing the competition day. She was suddenly down with chickenpox. Getting chickenpox at their age is a rather big deal. It takes a long time for it to subside and it was practically impossible for her to continue practicing during that period of time.

But Gillian, their home manager said, “She really had the will and drive to get it right and win!”. Right after her recovery, they went for the competition and they gave their all. Like a movie with a happy ending, her group bagged first place! We were so happy for her! Her group however took some their hard earned cash prize to contribute to a celebration with all the school-mates!

Upon seeing this accomplishment, the management has been having talks on the possibility of grooming her potential further. Who knows one day she might just turn out to be a professional dancer!

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