A Volunteer's write up on their journey with Shelter 3

16 September 2014

A group of students from Taylor's University came to Shelter 3 and ran a programme name MADU! It's a long term programme that looks into building the boys.

Here's the full write up about it from one of the student

Madu stands for Made a difference united. It's a programme under South Australian Matriculation (SAM) programme from Taylor's College Subang Jaya, where we try to make a change on children's life. This children comes from different background, they're either neglected, abandoned, special need children or an orphan. We have 5 different groups, and each group caters to a home or a community and we normally have a session with them every week or once a month. What we focus on are primarily on their education, followed by all the other necessities in life and we as the student will try to get to know them to find out about these needs and just basically try to be a person that they can rely on.

Based on our sessions with the boys in Shelter 3 this past year, we have learn how to socialise and work with different types of people who comes with different background and truthfully, it has been such an amazing experience shared with the boys there. Throughout the year, we has a session almost every week and gave a one-to-one tutoring session for subjects such as Mathematics, English, Malay Language, Chinese Language and Science.

We also tried to accommodate other subjects that the boys wish to be tutored with as well. Besides the tutoring session, we incorporated other educational teaching methods such as through games, online learning, and quizzes and the boys seems to be more interested and cooperative in these types of learning methods. At certain times, we actually took a break from all the studying and just had a little bit of fun with them by having a little futsal match, playing board and card games and also just spending time with them and through this, we feel that we've gotten much closer with them and the relationship shared between us and the boys have gotten much stronger.They also seem to enjoy and be much more comfortable around us and that's one of the best thing that we could have ever asked for.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like thank you and the shelter for giving us the opportunity to carry out the Madu programme and giving us the chance to get to know all of the talented and amazing boys there. We thoroughly appreciate the chance given and enjoyed all the sessions that we had with the boys. We hope that the little bits and pieces of guidance shared could help the boys in the future where they are able to aspire their dreams and be a somebody in this life and also realise that they actually have someone that they can count on.

Best Regards,
Razana Aqila

Taylor's College Subang Jaya.

From left: Tong Wen Wee, Muhammad Zayd Khairil, Aisya Najihah Saiful Husni, Razana Aqila Abdul Razak, Amirtham Manivannan, M.Gayathiri A/P Murali, Nur Asma Hanim Badri, Amirah Che Mansor, Felisa Amelia Zainuddin

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