A team of Amazing Sponsor to Jia Huai (Former alias known as Cassandra)

09 January 2018

Jia Huai pointing out her younger self in the photo when she was in SHELTER1

Some of you may have come across the story that we have been publicizing on a number of platforms of our ex-resident, Jia Huai, who recently climbed in our Mount Kinabalu Charity Climb to help raise funds for us. Jia Huai is currently studying for her BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication at IACT. Her amazing story is truly thanks to the many unsung heroes (sponsors!) that supported her. Our sponsors have partnered with us in her cost of living and education since she was 8.

When Jia Huai finally was ready for University, we were concerned if we could support her through the studies. Jia Huai had worked and studied to prove herself. We felt that she deserved the opportunity. IACT is indeed generous in sponsoring her tuition fees of RM35,000.00. However, we still needed to cover the affiliation fees (IACT is collaborating with the University of Sunderland, U.K.) that costs up to RM 13,100.00. On top of that there are the resource fees, living allowance, accommodation, application and registration fees. All these added up to about RM 50,000.00. That is a colossal amount for us to bear to help Jia Huai finish her Bachelor’s degree but we have faith that our donors who have faithfully been supporting us would raise up to this call for help.

As we put out her story on our Facebook and our newsletter (Vol. 4, 2016), amazing sponsors responded to sponsor all of these expenses. The most amazing part is that these sponsors were so generous that from a cost of over RM 50,000.00, we only had to come up with RM 1000.00 from our side. It really blew us away with how a team of sponsors can come together and richly bless this young girl with a bright future! Each of them took a genuine interest in trying to know about her and see how best they could help her.

Today, Jia Huai is just another year away from completing her Bachelor’s degree. We are sure that when she graduates, all of us will share her victory and joy together.

Jia Huai giving a thumbs up as she reaches Laban Rata during our MKCC 2017

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