The Young Jamuna With 5 Children

11 August 2008

Any young executive could easily earn a comfortable living, do shopping all month long, take a vacation once in a while, etc. Then again, this may not be the case for Jamuna*.

At the age of 22, Jamuna married with the man she loved dearly, later being blessed with five beautiful children. Educated until primary six, she is a simple woman whose dream is to enjoy a happy family. She never expected that her husband would secretly have an affair with another woman. Her husband left her after six years of marriage, leaving her all alone to care for her young children aged three months to eight years. Shockingly, Jamuna came to a stage where she resorted to extreme measures such as giving away her youngest child as she couldn’t afford to take care of her anymore.

At the age of 28, many of us still enjoy our singlehood, living with our parents, enjoying good food and company of friends. But Jamuna, has literally no one to turn to as her family had disowned her for the shame she brought to them, in view of her husband leaving her for a younger woman.

While some of us who may still enjoy our monthly income to buy a pair of shoes, latest fashion trends, manicure probably. . .Jamuna would take this as a life in paradise. While we happily enjoy our life; Jamuna is trying to save as much as possible for her children’s future.

“Saya takde banyak duit, tapi saya ada juga simpan bagi anak-anak jugak la. Takut apa-apa terjadi pada saya kan. Ada la duit untuk dia orang . . .” – Jamuna, 28 years old.

(“I may not have much, but every month I’ll try to save up for my children. I’m afraid something bad may happen to me, at least my children would have some money. . .”)
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