Seeds of Destiny I

28 August 2014

Replenished: Kampong Pandan Settlement food distribution

More than 30 families and children aged 4 to 18 receive benefits from Shelter Community outreach. It takes faith and sensitivity to make choices that will shelter our future generation. If we consider ourselves a caring society it is pivotal to sow seeds of empowerment for a diverse harvest.

Whether it is reaching out to marginalised families of Kampong Pandan Indian Settlement in Taman Maluri, Cheras or children of single mother, Inthumai in Kota Damansara, the bigger picture is about engaging young lives for the highest good. It’s a fruitful year for renewed interconnectivity.

Renewed: (l-r) Shamita Banu, Suzana, Inthumathi & Thivashini

Several parents of families in Petaling Jaya, Klang, Kuala Lumpur and its outskirts are assisted with links to suitable job vacancies. Irene* a single mother in Kampong Muhibbah and Ramesh* of Impian Baiduri flats are two of them. What then is the scope of Shelter Community and how effective is its impact?

Without trying to reinvent the wheel, our focus is being a catalyst, to create self-reliance and dignity among urban poor children. It is to partner with other social ministries, NGOs, medical support, government agencies, corporations and individuals. The challenge that beset us is a centrifugal one.

Rearranged: (l-r) Hannah & Sathaya at her low cost flat

As 2014 draws to a close, words of single parent Hannah Sankat, 40 resonates the feelings of what families not too far from you undergo. “To make ends meet each month is like riding a wounded elephant through muddy waters.” The crucial question: “How can you be part of the solution?”

Hannah works as a cleaner in PJ to support her eldest daughter Sathaya, 16 and Daniel, 10. She aims to find means to supplement a RM500 monthly income for her leg ligament treatment and children’s schooling. Her dream is to qualify for a town board subsidised flat and to make a difference.

Contributions you make to support children and families as mentioned here shall be impetus to breakthroughs. This very moment is a seed to new branches of collaboration and investment. We are not just teachers; we are coaches of the world’s greatest resource: children! Sow with us. *names changed
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