Packed For Smiles

16 June 2016

Satisfactory signs: Factory worker Sasikala and child Kavitha, 4

When Shelter Community visited Sasikala and 4 year old Kavita at Maluri Indian Settlement, one word came to mind: “Gladness.” The most pure lasting gladness comes in taking little steps towards change. Shelter’s challenge is to translate this extraordinary potential into meaningful transformation.

Behind the scenes marginalised families unpack dreams for each day. The burden of poverty isn't just that you don't always have the things you need, it's the feeling of being set aside every day of your life, and you'd do anything to lift that burden. Community enters the picture to set up plausible links.

Now What? First, help us build a tuition makeshift class onsite at Maluri Cheras Indian settlement. Second, sponsor children in sports and aid projects. Third, volunteer as tuition teachers. Things are never as complicated as they seem. It takes nothing to stay in poverty, but everything to break free from it.

Here is our plan: Set up 2 tuition class centres, one at Kampong Muhibbah old Klang Road and next at Taman Maluri, Cheras. The first is already in operation, while the later needs to be constructed and teachers’ scheduled. Our objective is to get the Maluri Settlement tuition locality activated before 2016 ends.

Fuelled Forward: Housecleaner Saroja & son from Lembah Subang flats. Kanagaratan, 10 attends Vivekanda Tamil School

As we enter the second half of the year, Shelter Community evaluates its effectiveness and how it may improve its coordination with other likeminded parties. You can't build any kind of organization if you're not going to surround yourself with people who have experience and skill base beyond your own.

In Shelter’s 25th Anniversary publication Silver Lining, Shelter founder James Nagayam states, “Coming up with solutions requires the determination of many parties. “For parents it is important to know that strong ties must exist in a family to ensure their children grow up in a safe and secure environment.”

Today, Saroja (above pic) who work as a housecleaner in Bangsar and Kelana Jaya echo that sentiment: “I am so thankful for rice and packed items, my son is everything to me…” Shelter Community’s biggest convention lies in getting parties aligned, to give children at risk a future. Let’s unpack it!

Ground Zero Solutions: (l-r) Shelter Assistant General Manager, Jerry and Community Officer, Xavier in talks with Maluri Indian Settlement representative, Subramaniam

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