Madam W, The Socks Seller At The Pasar Malam Supporting 9 Children

05 October 2004

SHELTER appealed to the public on 15 February 2000 for funds for Madam W* who was a single mother with nine children. This is another update of the disadvantaged family, an earlier one appearing in SHELTER News, May-August 2000.

Madam W’s second daughter, CY, 17 years, came to SHELTER 2 (vocational home for teenage girls) in 2002. For the last two years, she has shown to all that she is a hard-working and obedient girl.

She is diligent in doing the house duties and she tries to excel in everything she learns, whether it is tailoring or hairdressing.” CY is one of the better students of SHELTER 2,” commented Wendy Hew, Home Manager of SHELTER 2.

In 2004, CY was offered a scholarship to do a hairdressing course. She did very well in the course so much so that she completed her theory in two months instead of six months as required by the course. She will be completing her hairdressing course in March 2005. At the moment, CY is still doing her practical in one of the hairdressing schools in Kuala Lumpur.

CY’s sister, CL, was admitted to SHELTER 4 at the beginning of 2003. Her studies, especially her English, have improved since being in SHELTER 4. Rajeswari Ghanakkan, SHELTER 4 Coordinator, said that CL is an honest girl who can admit her mistakes. “She is a confident and independent girl who can think for herself,” said Rajes.

Madam W’s eldest girl is married with a baby girl aged two years. Madam W’s eldest son, CK, is working. The second son, CS, will be in Form 1 in 2005. The third son, CW, will be going to standard 2. The fourth daughter, CWi, is helping the mother to do house work as well as taking care of the younger siblings. The fifth daughter, CT, will be going to Standard 6. The youngest girl, KP, will be starting school in the new year.

Madam W sells socks in the pasar malam to help to support the children.

With the funds that have come in from generous persons on hearing of the plight of this family, the future has been made much brighter for Madam W’s children. Thank you for your generosity.
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