Hand Me Another Brick

08 April 2015

Samantha Tan: Joined forces with Shelter Community

Marketing and sale executive, Samantha Tan linked up with Shelter Community to mobilise a nine member aid team. Extensive repairs, plumbing and refurbishing were carried out for a family at Seri Petaling. They painted and installed cupboards for madam Kau and son who sell scrap metal as a recycle business.

It is a sure thing that no children can know their own beauty or understand a sense of their worth until it has been reflected back to them in the mirror of another loving caring being. It is heartening to note that corporations and individuals are now taking pivotal steps towards giving children a future.

Laura Seow: Donates table and offers mutual support

During the first and second quarter period, Shelter Community enlarged its outreach to forty-one homes in the Klang Valley and its outskirts. With such growth comes adjustment in logistics and learning to translate innovative ideas and plans. Invariably, it is about doing the right things.

More plans are in the pipeline. To facilitate efficient transport of items donated to us, a van is being fully customised to transport extra goods. Collection and distribution of clothes, soft toys, shoes, used computers and laptops are being systemised. You may also contribute items for our Shelter Jumble Sale.

Editor and equity researcher, Laura Seow spoke in an interview with Shelter Community about her desire to do an analysis on Shelter children’s education. “I am keen to do an in-depth research on the relational aspect of how Shelter children fare in their education, before and after they leave the home.”

Shelter’s volunteer visits Kg Muhibbah resident, Laksmini

Shelter Community is moving from the starting blocks. That's a motivated way of being, much more than intellect - its body, mind and spirit combined. That’s why we are so engaged in doing activities that build inner value and empowerment of children. Food aid is Community’s way of connecting the dots.

Shelter Community outreach and food aid is not about shuffling boxes. New community posts are being planted at strategic centres for tuition, social relief aid and follow-up. As a Japanese proverb states, vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare. Hand me another brick.
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