Finding Possibilities

04 December 2016

(l-r) Thavamani, 5, Kerthika, 11 & Kaviitha, 4 at Kampong Pandan Indian Settlement, Cheras

As Community advance into 2017, our quest is possibilities. We see choices, opportunities and breakthroughs ahead. That means alternative solutions for children in Klang valley marginalised communities. It is about securing jobs, building tuition centres, getting expertise and making inroads.

Our vision to give children at risk a childhood and future integrates right time, right place and right people. Let’s look at some tenable options. Children at Kampong Pandan Settlement envision the creation of a tuition depot there. We need your support and reinforcement to make that possible.

Calling all sponsors. Can you commit to build a makeshift depot within the settlement, furnish it with tables, chairs and basic utilities of lights, fans and storage compartments? We want volunteer teachers to commit a weekly schedule to coach 30 children aged 4 to 15 in Mathematics, English and other subjects.

(l-r) Meelathy: One day at a time with Saraniya, 8 & Bofaniya, 6

Meet industrial worker and mother of two, Meelathy. Coping with an uncle who undergoes physiotherapy and 3 other siblings is an arduous task. When Community met her, she said, “My girls love the milk, they are so happy with the soft toys you brought them.” She seeks a job promotion and advancement.

Curiosity creates possibilities and opportunities. Pictured below is mother of three, Mari Arumugam. Jointly with teachers she took enterprising steps to mobilise and distribute Shelter calendars at a kindergarten where she works. Mari and her children are recipients of Shelter’s Community food aid.

(l-r) Mari Arumugam & kindergarten teachers promote Shelter desktop calendars at Tadika Akal Budi in Taman Kasturi, Cheras

One opportunity leads to another. When you learn to see your struggles as opportunities to become stronger, better, wiser, then your thinking shifts from "I can't do this" to "I must do this.” Shelter Community may not be able to help everyone, but everyone has the opportunity to help someone. Let’s go for it.
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