Community And Family Services Update

16 April 2003

The following provides an update on the work of SHELTER’s Community and Family Services Department.

Individual and Family Therapy, Play Therapy Projects
We continue to see a steady flow of people who need help with issues such as family conflict, child behaviour problems, teenage related issues, as well as individual persons who are looking to deal with difficult issues in their lives that affect the family as a whole as well, such as low self-esteem, problems in sustaining relationships and so on. Our approach to help any family will always be to look at the internal issues a person struggles with, as well as more basic practical needs covered by other aspects of this department’s work.

We will continue to run one kindergarten at Kg. Cempaka. This is a very established kindergarten that has been operating for many years. As society changes, we recognize that pre-school education is becoming more readily available to families from all backgrounds, so the focus on future projects will also change to meet the needs of a modern day society. It is therefore unlikely that we will open new kindergartens and will instead invest our efforts in other areas.

Food Aid / Medical Clinics
We continue to run a food aid project to individual families, assessed on a case-by-case basis and we are planning to organize a medical clinic for families in the Lembah Subang squatter area in May.
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