Above And Beyond Community

06 November 2013

(l-r) Gurminder Kaur,5, Vasugee Subramaniam & Gursavinder Kaur, 3.

OVER the last quarter Shelter’s Community personnel met with more than 80 families in the Klang Valley to survey and assist those with children through food parcels. Here is a story of one that led it to go above and beyond its trail.

Homemaker Vasugee Subramaniam told Shelter that it has been a huge challenge to support her children with the gross income of her wireman husband who works with a Kajang enterprise. In our second visit she shared an idea with us.

Since January this year she had been working on crafting a secret recipe of muruku making, with a special blend of flour, condiments and ingredients. Initial results were promising as those who tasted it came back for more.

From muruku, she added curry-puffs, vadai, fruit cakes, sandwiches, nasi lemak and a set of kueh favourites. The momentum of sales began to increase and then took a dip. Vasugee then sought Shelter Community aid’s intervention.

Muruku: Crispy crunchy delights from Vasugee’s kitchen

Since October Shelter community officers committed to spread the word about Vasugee’s specialties. Although initial response was poor, the momentum is now picking up. Calls for deliveries to parties and events have doubled.

Vasugee specializes in cookies for festive celebrations. Fruit cakes, chocolate and sponge cakes are catered to specifications. In addition, she cooks chicken and fish curries, nasi goreng, mee goreng, as well as jellies and pasteries.

You may contact Shelter Community Officer, Xavier Gomez at 03-79550663 for further details. Here again is another opportunity to help a family go further.

As Shelter’s Community aid reach out to families, the motivation is: “You will never win if you never begin”. Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs… partner with us and go above and beyond challenges.
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