Welcome to our Careers page, where opportunity meets purpose. Join our dedicated team committed to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families. Discover how you can be part of our mission to create positive change and build stronger, healthier communities.

Employment at Shelter

We've all encountered heart-wrenching images of children in dire circumstances, their innocent faces bearing the weight of unimaginable hardships. These moments stir within us a deep desire to make a difference. If you feel compelled to bring hope and healing to these young lives, then we invite you to join us.

We seek individuals with passion, humility, and a genuine commitment to supporting underprivileged children. Your willingness to contribute, regardless of your qualifications, is what truly matters to us. We offer training and guidance to those eager to make a meaningful impact. Together, we can create a brighter future for the next generation.
Lend your talents and efforts
  • Adm Office

    Adm Office is both the face and the backbone of the organization. Most of the administrative, management, PR and planning work are done here. Therefore, individuals who wish to apply here must be innovative, vibrant, resourceful and possess the necessary computer skills and knowledge of Word, Excel and Powerpoint among others. Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator would be an added advantage. From simple tasks of helping to carry things to helping to brain storm ideas for projects, we also hope that applicants are versatile and participative in any aspect that requires your help. Depending on the job position you apply, you may also need certain experience or knowledge of the area applied.

    The range of Job positions in the Adm Office may be varied, for example:

    • Administrator
    • Public Relations Executive
    • Community Services Executive
    • Receptionist
    • Accountant
    • HR and Managerial roles

  • Shelter Home Staff

    The Homes of SHELTER are the places where our children call their Safe Haven and their home. The difference between a house and a home is that the house is just a concrete place to live in and a home is where one feels belong to.

    The Home Staff will be the individuals who will turn our houses as the children’s Home.

    We are looking for applicants who are prepared to commit for long term to be with the children. They should have the desire to spend quality time with the children and to guide them with love, patience and kindness.

    As the Home Staff holds a vital position in dealing with the children directly, all applicants should preferably have a minimum of 1 – 2 years of experience in social work with children and teenagers. We are also looking for trained and qualified counsellors to help our children deal with their past and to be restored gradually over the years.

    The range of Job positions in our Homes may be varied, for example:

    • Counsellor
    • Caregiver
    • Driver
    • Cook
    • Administrator
    • Assistant Manager
    • Home Manager

  • Community Service

    The Community Service team aims at helping the underprivileged children at the poor communities without separating the children from their family. The idea behind this help is not just merely providing food and financial aid but to create an environment where the children in these communities can have the opportunity to grow up holistically.

    The officers in this job will then assess each family’s condition and evaluate what would be the best measure of help to be given to create that environment for the children in those families. The help can range from counseling, food aid, micro finance aid, tuition, legal issues as well as coordinating with other volunteers to come in and to help in other different ways.

    Applicants should have administrative and people’s skills as well as the genuine desire to uplift the poor in order to be effective in this job.

    The range of Job positions that exist in the Community service are:

    • Community Services Executive

on Care Giving/Staffing
Caregivers 24/7, Counselling. Home administration, Community Staff
on Care Giving/Staffing
Caregivers 24/7, Counselling. Home administration, Community Staff
on Care Giving/Staffing
Caregivers 24/7, Counselling. Home administration, Community Staff
on Care Giving/Staffing
Caregivers 24/7, Counselling. Home administration, Community Staff

To apply, please send in your CV with any prior experience of social work to

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