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Our Calendar 2016 is now ready for PRE-ORDER!!! 

Our Theme for Calendar 2016 is "My Favourite". Our children thought about what are their favourites and they came up with their favourite animation and cartoon characters, ambitions and even places!

Because this is a pre-order phase, we are taking orders from now on-wards and will only have them sent to you by November. This is because we want to include the school holidays and that will only be released by late October.

We are also taking hotstamping orders as usual and the minimum order is 200 copies.

We are also open to have a page of your vouchers attached in the calendar. Please let us if know if you're interested!

To order, simply download the order form at our webpage :

1. Email us at office@shelterhome.org and we will send you the form
2. Right click the image above and click "Save Image as" and you will have the form

3. To place the order, just fill in the form and have it sent to "office@shelterhome.org".

Please help us share out this post to your friends, colleagues, bosses and family!





 Are you looking to get more involved with your local community?

Do you enjoy working with children and young people?

Are you passionate about big issues affecting society today and building children's awareness and self-confidence to cope with the challenges of tomorrow?

If this sounds like you, SHELTER needs you!

We need people to help fetch the kids (preferably female drivers) and youth to certain places (we can provide our vans) among others and are looking for Volunteers to get involved for a few hours a month, whenever it suits YOU!

Perhaps you'd like to contribute a couple of hours once a week? We know that your time is precious so we will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your experience with us - from working directly with our children.

To enquire more, go to "Contact Us" and write us your enquiries or contact us at 03-79550663. For application, please go to "How can I help" on the top left navigation bar, download our volunteer form and send it to us at "Office@shelterhome.org". Hope to hear from you soon!






To the supporters and donors, do not feel like your money is wasted. Please do not look at your donation as a short term return but think of it as a long term investment. Think of it as “If I sponsor this kid, in 10 years, where could he/she be?” Please do not think “If I am paying this much, I will get the tax exemption, name and recognition”. –David

We are very proud to share that David (an ex-resident who Shelter is still supporting) is the person who is currently coding to revamp our web page to make it more updated and interesting.  It is scheduled to be completed by August this year. Keep watching this space!

David came to SHELTER at the age of 7. He has no recollection of his past before that and he never knew who his parents were. He only remembers that one of the staff of SHELTER took him from Batu Arang into our Home and that staff left, not long after that. David did not get the chance to ask about his background but David has never lingered on his past and had long accepted his life’s circumstances and moved on.

When David entered SHELTER, he found that he was saturated in an environment that pushed him to learn how to speak in English. Besides that, his life then followed a schedule and a discipline that was shaped by school, tuition and chores as well having fun with play time and TV. He was close to some of the staff there and one of them even taught him how to cook! One person who was like a father figure to him then was the Home Manager, Hong* who often took time to teach the children and constantly listened to their needs.  

When David was 13 years old, he was moved to the Teenage Boys Home.  He shared that he could already speak English fluently by then. At that point in time, the Teenage Boys Home was filled with squabbles and fights among the boys. David felt really agitated as it is natural for teenagers to want their own private space and to explore their own identity. A staff known as Eric* saw that this was not an environment that would be conducive for the teenagers to grow and excel in. So he proposed an idea to the management to start a different Home under his supervision. The idea behind this Home was to select boys who sincerely wanted to learn and excel in life and Eric would dedicate all his time and energy in building these boys up. This Home was known as Shelter X.

The idea was then approved by the management and so Eric selected the boys from the Teenage Boys Home to be in this new Shelter X.  David was one of those selected.

Eric had a different way of raising these boys. He did not expect the boys to be spoonfed on what to do and what not to do throughout the day. He only expected them to follow the guidelines like not going out and coming back late at night, not mixing with the wrong gang, playing truant or taking drugs. What they chose to do within the Home or outside, was left to them to decide. Eric also gave their pocket money in a lump sum at the beginning of the month. He wanted them to learn how to budget and to have self-control in their spending. This is because he wanted to prepare them to be independent when they leave SHELTER as most of them had no one to depend on. He told them “you guys are old enough to think for yourself, so make the right choices because the choice you make will affect your future”.

Eric was not just someone who guided and cared, he also helped them with their homework and exams at school.

When David finally completed his SPM, he had nowhere to go. He had no contact with his parents and none of his relatives ever tried to contact him during his years at SHELTER.  One of the staff, who was close to David offered him a place to stay.  A friend of this staff owned a restaurant was then looking for someone to work in the restaurant. So David decided to take up the job. He then moved out to stay with the workers who are foreign to him. Being only 18 then, David was prepared and he did not really have any problem coping. He credited his ability to cope to Eric who had trained him.  

When SPM results were released, David wanted to further his studies. He knew the only way to move forward in life in the city was to get a degree. He did not know where to start as he found that the tuition fees at private colleges were very high. Another staff from SHELTER named Sophia came to know about his desire to further his studies. She then made the necessary arrangements for David. He wanted to study at Binary College. When the college saw the letter provided by SHELTER on David’s background, they gave him a RM8000 discount on his fees. With the PTPTN loan, David could finally start his studies in Binary College.

David met his girlfriend at college and when her family came to know about his background, they offered to support him. After a couple of months, David felt that it wasn’t right for him to receive their money, so he took on a weekend job with his girlfriend. This job was to clean up the church after services on Sundays. He got some money for it but it was not enough.  So he eventually managed to get an internship job with a company referred to by his lecturer. Today, David has completed his Diploma and is now studying for his Degree. He is still studying full time and to be fully independent, he is doing two part time jobs.

However, since David had started helping with the coding to revamp our web page, SHELTER has been supporting him with some financial aid on a monthly basis until he finishes his studies. He is scheduled to finish his degree in June next year and we are really looking forward to that day! Another encouragement!







Hand me another brick


Samantha Tan: Joined forces with Shelter Community


Marketing and sale executive, Samantha Tan linked up with Shelter Community to mobilise a nine member aid team. Extensive repairs, plumbing and refurbishing were carried out for a family at Seri Petaling. They painted and installed cupboards for madam Kau and son who sell scrap metal as a recycle business.

 It is a sure thing that no children can know their own beauty or understand a sense of their worth until it has been reflected back to them in the mirror of another loving caring being. It is heartening to note that corporations and individuals are now taking pivotal steps towards giving children a future.



During the first and second quarter period, Shelter Community enlarged its outreach to forty-one homes in the Klang Valley and its outskirts. With such growth comes adjustment in logistics and learning to translate innovative ideas and plans. Invariably, it is about doing the right things.

More plans are   in the pipeline. To facilitate efficient transport of items donated to us, a van is being fully customised to transport extra goods. Collection and distribution of clothes, soft toys, shoes, used computers and laptops are being systemised. You may also contribute items for our  Shelter Jumble Sale.




Laura Seow:  Donates table and offers mutual support


Editor and equity researcher, Laura Seow spoke in an interview with Shelter Community about her desire to do an analysis on Shelter children’s education. “I am keen to do an in-depth research on the relational aspect of how Shelter children fare in their education, before and after they leave the home.”

Shelter Community is moving from the starting blocks. That's a motivated way of being, much more than intellect - its body, mind and spirit combined. That’s why we are so engaged in doing activities that build inner value and empowerment of children. Food aid is Community’s way of connecting the dots.



Shelter’s Volunteer visits Kg Muhibbah resident, Laksmini


Shelter Community outreach and food aid is not about shuffling boxes.  New community posts are being planted at strategic centres for tuition, social relief aid and follow-up. As a Japanese proverb states, vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare. Hand me another brick.





We are guilty of many errors and many faults, but our worst crime is abandoning the children, neglecting the fountain of life. 

Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot. 

Right now is the time - his bones are being formed, his blood is being made, his senses are being developed. To him we cannot answer “Tomorrow”. His name is “TODAY”. ~ Gabriela Mistral


SHELTER is a registered, voluntary welfare organization for children and teenagers who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused. Guided by the vision to give children at risk a childhood and future by protecting, guiding and healing them, and by building strong communities and loving families, Shelter’s services and initiatives are aimed at:


  • Providing care for children at risk through our residential homes, counselling, therapy and other services 
  • Proactively raising public awareness on child abuse, child protection, parenting and youth issues, and equipping individuals with relevant skills to detect signs of abuse and to take action. 


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